Wednesday, January 30, 2008



Yr of the release: 2008
Genre: Action Shooter
The developer: Propaganda Games
The publishing house: Buena Vista Games
Region: Region Free
The language of the interface: Multi5
Turok - the sequential part of the series of shuterov of the first person, based on a similar series of comics Acclaim. Geympley for the most part it will remain unchanged: player as before scolds himself through the jungle and destroys entire living. However, the varieties of poultry can be distinguished to the people (enemies) and wild creation, like the dinosaurs (of course also enemies). However, in this part of Turok Propaganda Games and Aspyr they introduced so that called to stealth- mechanic: enemy can be killed quietly and unnoticeably which under the conditions of the peace of game is very useful.

Download Demo Game (XBox360):

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