Friday, March 7, 2008

Army Of Two [PAL] (XBox360)

Genre: Modern First- personas Shooter \ 3rd Person Shooter \ Cooperative Shooter
Developer: EA Montreal
Publishing house: Electronic Artst
Region: PALType of the publication: License (Army.Of.Two.PAL.X360-Allstars)It works to Xbox 360: YesLanguage of the interface: MULTI5 (EN, GE, FR, IT, SP)
Type of the transfer: NoESRB The rating: "M" For Mature (Blood, Intense Violence, Strong Language)
GameRankings: 87 of 100
War, gentlemen - game command, singly here it can't be helped. This truth sequential time to us prove the developers of magical shutera Army Of Twoв„ў. Events are turned in the contemporary militarizirovannom peace, where you had to use unique tactical and strategic possibilities of game two together, smoothly transferring brazdy of administration from one character to another. Your partner will be the artificial intellect of computer, named by developer Partner AI (PAI). When the forces of one soldier it becomes insufficient, to the aid comes the comrade, together with whom for you it is necessary to traverse wars, political plots and other happiness of the life of the specially trained soldier.
Special features of the game:
'e2; Cooperative game more is not separate regime; here cooperative - very essence of geympleya.
'e2; The excellently thought-out system of artificial intellect Partner AI, which makes possible for a virtual partner it is wonderful to work in the command with the player, being adapted under the varied conditions and imitating in man the methods also of the tactics of conducting battle.
'e2; Many varieties of the weapons, accessible for the upgrade of the characteristic'e2; Game can be passed, also, to the company of friend, after foregoing services PAI
'e2; Excellent drawing, the studied dynamics and physics (especially this noticeably on the water)
'e2; Realistic characters and the environment
'e2; Interesting topical line
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Medal of Honor Alied Assalt

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Counter-Strike Source 1.7

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Counter-Strike 1.6

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Need For Speed Carbon

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Fifa 2007 - BR

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Swat 4

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